Meet the Team

Suzanne Grimes

  • President

Suzanne is the President of Westwood One and our fearless leader. She’s grown huge media brands across outdoor, mobile, social, digital, print, audio, and experiential. She lives in Westchester with her husband Dave and enjoys a full life with their five children and their lovable Bernese Mountain Dog, Lulu.

Christina Albee

  • Marketing

Christina is our CMO and loves all marketing and branding. She helps bring our podcasts to life for both listeners and markerters. She has spent her career working with great people at multi-media companies. When not working, she is spending time with her two daughters cooking, shopping and binge-watching Netflix.

Robert Barowski

  • Producer

Robert produces The Raven Effect, The DIME Podcast, The Savage Nation and helps with ‘McMahonsplaining’ and Alternative Styles. He enjoys spending time with his lovely wife, Nikki, a Dallas radio news anchor. How he got her to agree to marry him remains a mystery.


  • Marketing

Agnes is our Digital Marketing Associate. She thrives off of creative stories, building relationships, and lots of frothy cappuccinos. Agnes is passionate about making a positive impact on people’s lives. She loves podcasts, 75+ degree weather, new places, reading, bloody mary brunches, and her pup Kuba.

Megan Devine

  • Sales Planning

Megan is our digital planner and works with sales to create custom campaigns for our advertisers. She attended Vanderbilt University in Nashville, and that’s where she discovered her love for country music. Outside of work you can find Megan at a concert or beach, cooking, or trying restaurants in NYC.

Bryan Goldmark

  • Sales

Bryan focuses on driving new revenue opportunities for our podcasts. He began his broadcast industry career at the age of 5 recording copy for local radio stations in Sacramento, CA. Bryan trained with the US Ski team in hopes of one day being an Olympian.

Lindsey Floyd

  • Producer

Lindsay produces The Jason Stapleton Program and helps out with The Final Word with Frangela and McMahonsplaining. She is also the Assistant Technical Producer of Zach Sang Show. Lindsay loves concerts, hiking, riding horses, and reading. Kurt Vonnegut is her favorite author.

Larry Linietsky

  • Operations

Larry leads all Westwood One Podcast Network operations, technology, and data partnerships. He’s a data geek and deal guy with a longtime digital background working at Universal Music Group, Napster, and iHeartRadio. Larry’s favorite pastime is hanging out with his equally nerdy kids.


  • Sales

Kelli Hurley is our SVP Digital Partnerships and leads our digital sales efforts digital product portfolio expansion. She is a radio & digital audio veteran, with over a dozen years of experience. She has led the charge in building out Westwood One’s podcast strategy, content partnerships and revenue model.


  • Ad Operations

Brian leads ad ops & podcast advertising campaign execution. He was on the team when our 1st Westwood One Podcast Network show was signed. He consumes a lot of podcasts and truly believes in the space. Outside of work you can find him walking his dog (while listening to podcasts) or watching the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Robert Mathers

  • Content

Robert is in charge of our products. He has almost 30 years of experience in media storytelling, and a head for content and programming. Robert hopped on the podcast bus when it started in 2006. When not listening to a podcast or a vinyl record, you can usually find him at a live music show.


  • Design

Imani is our Creative Director and oversees Westwood One Podcast Network’s branding as well as our podcast show artwork. When not creating gorgeous artwork you can find her running across New York City or on the road judging professional cheerleading competitions.

Daniella Parrilla

  • Operations

Daniella is our Director of Digital Operations and Partner Management. She is a native New Yorker and a New Jersey implant, with a big passion for technology and relationships. Daniella has held digital roles at HBO, Viacom, CBS Radio & Univision. You can find her at music festivals or binging historical documentaries.


  • Producer

Joey is executive producer for Opie Radio and Frangela: The Final Word. You can hear his voice chiming in from time to time, and he also performs a variety of music to help give each podcast a unique sound. A radio veteran, voice over talent, and songwriter/musician, he composed the sonic logo you hear at the end of Westwood One podcasts.

Suzy Schultz

  • Marketing

Suzy leads Marketing for Westwood One’s podcast network and voice-AI technology platforms. She loves creativity, audio, and new ideas. She’s a proud Syracuse University alum and one of Radio Ink’s Most Influential Women. Suzy is also a warrior for our veterans and the issues they face.


  • Design & Code

Daniel pushes pixels and writes code to push more pixels. Splitting his time between New York City and Philly, he has kept servers running and online contests dishing out prizes for listeners for the better part of a decade.