At a moment when the U.S. Supreme Court’s influence on American life has never been more obvious, 5-4 offers an irreverent take on the high court’s past. Each episode focuses on a pivotal, historical case in which the justices screwed up in some way. 5-4 will balance humor with analysis as our hosts dissect the legal reasoning and practical outcomes of the Court’s most questionable and misguided decisions. We plan to cover some of the most important decisions in recent memory, including Bush v Gore, Citizens United and Shelby County. Slow Burn co-creator Leon Neyfakh will narrate the facts and historical context around the case-of-the-week and then hand off the discussion to legal commentators Peter Shadzik, Michael Liroff, and Rhiannon Hamam.

5-4 is a production of Prologue Projects in partnership with Westwood One Podcast Network.