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Spring 2019 Report

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Westwood One Insights Report

From highly personalized niche programs to brand extensions from major media networks, podcasting is where millions of media consumers are turning to for information, entertainment, and connection to the world. To find out more about the podcast consumer, creator, and advertiser, check out the reports below.

Highlights from the Westwood One 2019 Audioscape Report:

  • The podcast audience is maturing: median age advances from 29 in 2017 to 35 in 2018
  • Podcast listeners are far more engaged and 1.5X more attentive than social media audiences
  • Podcasting is the only media where learning and entertainment coexist
  • Smart speaker listening continues to grow
  • Smart speakers are being adopted across generations: 35-54 is the largest ownership group
  • AM/FM radio use is strong among smart speaker owners

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Westwood One Podcast Download Report Fall 2018

Highlights from the Westwood One’s Podcast Download Report from Fall 2018:

Female podcast listening is growing fast

  • Female podcast growth is surpassing men across many measures including weekly time spent listening, downloads, and listens.
  • The heavy female podcast listener is young, upscale, and married with children.
  • Weekly female listeners are also big fans of pop culture and comedy podcasts.

Podcast listening and smart speaker usage goes hand in hand

Both weekly and heavy podcast listeners have seen growth in smart speaker adoption for podcast listening.

Advertisers are taking notice

Advertisers and agencies are getting in the mix more than ever. 70% have discussed podcast advertising with their colleagues and 36% say they are likely to advertise in the next six months.

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