How To Listen To A Podcast

What Is a Podcast?

If you are new to podcasting, think of it like a really cool radio show, made just for you and the things you like.  Podcasts are usually between 15 minutes to two hours, it all depends on the subject.

The main difference between a podcast and a radio show is that you get to listen whenever and wherever you want!  Podcasts are made to be on-demand,  that’s part of the beauty of the medium.

Many podcasts are recorded and then released on a certain day and most are original, meaning they are not edited down programs you could also hear on the radio.  Now, we do present some podcasts of shows that did air on the radio first, most of Westwood Podcast Network’s shows are original.

Most podcasts come out once a week, and some are made to drop in your feed daily.  This doesn’t mean you have to listen to it that day, it just means that show may cover news or events more often.  You can still listen whenever you want and even “binge” podcasts.

How Do I Listen To A Podcast?

Listening to Podcasts is very easy!  

If you have an iPhone or a Google/Android Phone, there is a podcast app already installed.  iPhone’s have an app called “Apple Podcasts” and Google’s app is called Google Podcasts.

Inside each app, there is a “Store.” Don’t worry, most podcasts are free and you do not need to buy them.  Also, don’t worry about the word “subscribe.” Think of subscribing to a podcast, like getting a magazine or a newspaper delivered to you, but never have to pay for it. “Subscribe” is a technical term used to deliver the podcast to your podcast app or “podcatcher.”

You can also listen to podcasts on a computer, often at the website for that show.  Almost all of our podcasts have players, right on this site, where you can listen.

Many of our podcasts are also available on Amazon Echo Devices and Google Home.  Just ask your smart speaker to play the podcast you want.

Using an iPhone or iPad:

The Podcasts app is already installed on your device, so simply look through your apps for ‘Podcasts’.

  1. Open the Podcast app and go to the search page (get there by clicking the magnifying glass icon near the bottom of the).
  2. A search box will appear at the top, next to another magnifying glass icon. Tap on this and type in the name of the podcast you want, like “Opie Radio”. Hit “enter” on your keyboard.
  3. Choose the podcast you want from the search results and tap on it. This should take you to that podcast’s listing.
  4. Once you’re on that podcast’s page you’ll see a list of recent episodes. 
    You can listen to individual episodes right there, or hit the Subscribe button (remember, it’s free!) This means the app will automatically download the latest episodes as they are released, right to your phone.

Learn more about how to use Apple Podcasts

Using an Android Phone

You will have to install the Google Podcasts App. Search “Google podcasts” in the play store.

  1. Install the app.
    Once you open the app, use the search box and type in the name of the podcast you want, like “Run Like A Girl”
  2. Choose the podcast you want from the search results and tap on it again. This should take you to the podcast’s listing
  3. Once you’re on that podcast’s page you should see a list of most recent episodes. Click an episode to play it.
  4. If you like it, click the subscribe button at the top of the page. When you subscribe to a podcast, it’ll appear at the top of the Google podcasts app, and a new section in the app will let you know about new episodes from podcasts you’ve subscribed to. You should also be able to listen to podcasts from the Google search app, just search for the name of the podcast.

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